1st PANTHEON Sales summit 2019/2020

1st PANTHEON Sales summit 2019/2020

Join us on first regional sales summit for PANTHEON salesman and marketing managers.


  • We will focus on the MID market sales and marketing. This market requires a different approach and a 6-month sales process.
  • Our goal will be to learn how to fish »in a big fish pond«.
  • We will share experiences with those who have succeeded.
  • We should (all teams) determine best practices on how to communicate with such customers and how to start and close sales (transfer from individual KPIs to TEAM SELLING).
  • Participates (teams from each country) will present their (i.e. their country’s) biggest leads, which sales are in progress, and how they intend to deal with them.
  • Participants will also present (teams from each country) their best practices (major projects that have been closed and why), how they run their entire process from marketing to implementation and in what stages (why these phases have been successful).
  • Certification: At the end of the meeting, we’ll be holding certification for only Datalab Sales and marketing members. Participation is mandatory for all Datalab Sales and MA.

Rules of the game:

Costs/acquisition fee:

  • Acquisition fee: the management of Datalab Tehnologije d.d. has decided that regional meetings/summits and special courses on new products (marked with (F) – review PLAN for 2019/2020) are free of charge (without acquisition fee) for Datalab employees and partners.
  • The goal is to promote the exchange of information and best practices as well as to ensure that new features are mastered as fast as possible.
  • Partner companies or Datalab subsidiaries cover only part of the accommodation, venue, and catering costs.

Preliminary cost share per participant:

  • Preliminary 130 EUR + VAT/participant
  • Including; usage of venue and technical equipment for two days, 1 night in the double room + breakfast, 2 lunches, 4 CB, 1 dinner, 1 visit of local pub (a few drinks and music).
  • Approximate cost share is calculated on preliminary number of 50 participants – if there will be less participants the shared cost per person will be slightly higher and vice versa.
  • Prices:
    • Prices of the hotel rooms: Single – 83 EUR/person/night, Double – 46,50 EUR/person/night (in preliminary price share estimation there is included 1 night in double room/person for 29.8/30.8.2019)
    • Prices of the Lunch/dinner: 16,50 EUR per person/meal (in preliminary price share estimation there are included lunch on 29.8 and 30.8.2019 and one dinner on 29.8.2019).
    • Prices of CB: 3 EUR/person/CB (in preliminary price share estimation there are included 4 CB)
    • Party: on the evening of 29th of August we will go to selected pub in the Novi Sad city center and visit a local pub. There will be a few drinks prepared for us (limited budget of 10 EUR/person) + music. Each participant should (in application form) define if he or she will join us on not.

Note for partner companies and their employees:

  • Only partner companies with a valid partnership agreement may participate at regional meeting/summit.).
  • Only PANTHEON salespeople who have passed the certification for PANTHEON Sales (with a passing score of over 75%) may attend the sales summits.